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Stops For Sale

The following stops are used and currently in the condition that they were when we acquired them. The stops listed below are for sale fully restored to our standards as described in the Our Services page of our website. These stops can, of course, be voiced at a wind pressure specified by the buyer as long as the specified pressure is within a range that is customary for these stops. Please contact us for pricing and scheduling.

8' E.M. Skinner Clarinet - 61 notes. Corno di Bassetto scale without flared bells. Larger than the standard EMS Clarinet scale - rich "chocolate" Clarinet quality that would be suitable as a solo stop on the correct wind pressure.

8' E.M. Skinner Corno d'Amour - 61 notes. Note: Single conical capped resonator with English taper shallots. A smaller scale than the EMS Flugel Horn, with a timbre leaning closer to a capped Oboe than the Flugel Horn. As the name of the stop implies it's suited as a warm and mild solo voice.

8' E.M. Skinner & Son - 8' Trumpet (SOLD) - 4 1/2" scale at 8'CC, 61 notes, English taper shallots. Note: Well made stop and a healthy scale that would make a fine chorus reed.

*Note that quoted prices do not include crating, shipping, or onsite installation and regulation services.